Poster series for the five nights ADE at Studio 80.

Soon more!

shape shifting

Mural installation for De Balie, Amsterdam.


Two silk screened designs for a solo show at Schmall Gallery. There are still some posters left for sale! Contact me if you’re interested.


Limited edition silk screen printed poster for an exhibition at the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam. Soon more pics!

SSBA Salon column

The SSBA Salon asked me to make a new work for a column on their website. After I got very positive feedback on the published image, I decided to make it into a series.


WKND restyled!



Poster for the Hard//Hoofd Festival edition 2014. The theme of the programme was ‘the process’.


Editorial and visual design of the publication concluding the exhibition series ‘Drieluik’ at the De Tribune.


During the exhibition series ‘Drieluik’ (‘Triptych’) three artists were invited to make a site specific work in De Tribune. The research process, the final works and also the reactions to these from the public as well as from art critics were documented, so a publication could conclude the project. Together with Pavèl van Houten (curator and initiator) we developed an editorial concept and structured, combined and edited the material.


To able to stay within a very limited budget, I came up with the idea to use different printing techniques for the different editorial parts. Next to keeping the production costs relatively low, the different techniques also connected very well with the editorial framework and formed the basis for the visual design. The design, printing technique and seize emphasised the different character of each section, making it easier to navigate and understand the connection between the different parts.


black and white laser print on coloured paper
two colour stencil print
full colour offset print
stapled together




Illustration made for the magazine DJBroadcast.


Identity for KLINCH, the electronic music platform of the Melkweg.


To avoid referring to visual styles that are associated with specific sub-genres, I choose to work with what all genres have in common; abstract sounds that are repeated to create ritmes and form patterns of beats. These abstract elements were the inspiration for a physical installation. By photographing it and playing with zooming in and framing, abstract images are created. Just like analog audio fragments in digitally produced music, the imperfection of the physical reality causes a lively and warm image.


Decor pieces developed for ‘Het Stadsgesprek’, a series of debates concerning topics related to the city of Amsterdam.


The first decor piece is made out of 32 cardboard boxes. Two of the sides of the boxes are painted. One with an image of the old Amsterdam canal houses, one with an image of the modern architecture of the financial district of Amsterdam. By turning some of the boxes (just like a rubix cube) different ‘collages’ can be made.


For the second series of this programme I designed a new decor piece. The images are still based on Amsterdam architecture, but more zoomed in. In stead of cardboard boxes flat wooden panels are used. These are installed in three different layers, creating a more spatial feeling.


Photography by Jan Boeve.


Design for Backstage, club night of the Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam. The collages are made with photographs taken at previous editions of the party. The flyers are printed in full color with an extra PMS.


Photography by Laura Andalou and Desiré van den Berg.


Posters and decor made for ‘Goudader Natuur’.


Photography by Jan Boeve.


Series of posters for the clubnight Katapult.


After three years of weekly mayhem, Katapult was arriving at its’ end. To make sure our beloved clubnight would end with a bang, I decided to put in some extra love by silkscreening the last posters. Keeping the style of the previous artworks —only adjusting the lay-out for the silkscreen technique— the special edition series was born. Misprints were used to cut out text and create digital flyers for online weekly promotion.

Bye bye Katapult…


silkscreen on paper
various inks (including metalic gold, opaque white and fluorescents)
differing paper types
limited editions, hand numbered



video installation

collaboration with Jasmijn Visser


The installation consists of five, short stop-motion movies that run simultaneously. They are shown on small screens next to one another, and work together as a five-screen splitscreen.


The character in the movie, an anonymous dictator, travels through different iconic locations in Amsterdam and Moscow. He repeats formal routines, which slowly devolve and become more and more informal and cheerful, building towards a extatic climax. The video loops to create a constant transition between grandeur and decay, rise and fall. The character is trapped in this tragic pattern. The clumsiness of the stop-motion and the iconic backgrounds emphasize the slapstick, theatrical feel of the work.


We developed this work in both Amsterdam and Moscow, as a special addition to Jasmijns’ participation in VoTH, a Dutch-Russian cultural exchange project. The installation was shown at the Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch.


Series of flyers and posters for the club night Katapult.
After two years of Katapult, the crowd had gotten older and fashion changed. Since the design of the Katapult series reflected the atmosphere and crowd, it was bound to change accordingly. A new logo and design were developped, in which absurdistic images formed an abstract key to nightlife.


offset printed flyers and posters
flyers on uncoated recycled paper
sticker: silkscreened gold and black on transparent vinyl



Visual identity, posters and invitations for exhibition space De Tribune.

De Tribune is situated on the balcony inside an active, daily church. Contemporary artists are invited to react to the church’s practice. At the same time, the church influences the way in which the art is perceived. As a result, De Tribune provides equal grounds where non-religious art and Christian culture meet, interact and discuss.


The logo reflects the concept behind De Tribune, which consists of three elements: the art, the space and Christian religious culture. Also, the logo refers to the special brick patterns the church is famous for.




Album design for the Norwegian-Dutch band Sacred Harp. Like the music, the artwork was inspired by David Lynch.


Poster for the project ‘Visually Absent’ of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
During the renewal of Stedelijk Museum’s building, they were not able to publicly showcase their collection. As an alternative, they asked different artists and designers to think of ways to exhibit their most iconic pieces in public spaces. Of course the original pieces could not be exhibited, so participants interpreted them in new ways by experimenting with mimicry and appropriation.
For my work I used reproductions of the work ‘Kolobrzeg, Poland 26 July 26th (1992)’ by Rineke Dijsktra, found in magazines, newspapers, books and on the internet. The reproductions were not edited; their original sizes were depicted. By putting them next to each other it became visible how much the sizes, colors and quality of the prints differed. Sometimes the reproductions showed the original mirrored or partly cut off. All of a sudden the absence of the original becomes painfully clear.


Installation made at the European Exchange Academy Beelitz.


white paint on architectural surface